Unix Shell Scripting Quiz for Beginners – 25 Questions

Today, we’ve come up with an interesting Unix Shell scripting quiz featured with 25 best questions to help you learn Unix programming.

Both software developers and automation engineers can attempt this quiz and assess their shell scripting knowledge.

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The primary reason to roll out this quiz was to meet the promise that we’ve made with our readers who were asking a quiz on shell scripting from quite a time. And we’ve tried to add all the relevant Unix shell scripting questions in this quiz to make it as useful as it could be.

Moreover, we’ve extended the size of the quiz with 25 questions which is a bit more than the usual size of our earlier quizzes. 🙂

Attempt The Quiz And Learn Unix Shell Scripting.

For your information, please note that this Linux operating system quiz has both single and multiple choice questions. So, we suggest you please carefully attempt all the questions. Press the below Start quiz button to go ahead.

Unix Shell Programming Quiz for Beginners

Unix Shell Programming Quiz for Beginners

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Note: You can view all the answers at the end of this quiz.

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We wish that this quiz would help both software developers and testers in sharpening their overall Unix operating systems skills.

Next, we expect that all software developers and automation test engineer would have fun trying the quiz and appreciate us for coming out with such post. We rest you assured that we’ll keep coming with new quizzes on new subjects and will update the earlier ones as well.

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