Top SQL Interview Questions for DBA and QA.

Probably learning SQL and PL/SQL may not fascinate you. But these are skills which are crucial and can give you an edge in the career. And it doesn’t matter whether you are a fresher QA test engineer or planning a career in DBA field. Mastering these skills will likely help you earn a higher salary. Hence, we carved this page to host top SQL interview questions for DBA/QA engineers.

After learning manual QA and test automation, QA engineer should acquire the database and SQL knowledge. Hence, we dedicated this space to outline the top SQL stuff that can immensely help the test engineers. For DBA, SQL skill is far more important as they have to pursue this skill for carrying out the routine tasks.

Why should I learn SQL and database programming?

A database, commonly known as the backend, is critical for any Enterprise Application. So it has to be regressed for functionality and performance. To access or manage a database, we need a Structured Query Language (SQL). It is a database programming language which gives us the means to work with different types of databases like Oracle, SQL Server, MYSQL, and MongoDB etc.

There are ample reasons that confirm the significance of SQL for Software testers and DBA professionals. DBA has to prepare database schemas, create tables and indexes. Also, he needs to tune the DB entities to step up the performance. On the other hand, a tester’s responsibilities are as follows.

1. Write SQL queries to validate the integrity of the DB.
2. Generate virtual load on the server.
3. Testing – Upgrade of SQL software version.
4. Testing – DB migration from an older DB to a newer version.

However, there are many emerging areas such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Data Analytics which extend the scope of SQL and database programming. Hence, it’s a favorite subject for the interviewers which eventually makes it a mandatory skill for the candidates.

Top SQL Interview Questions for DBA and QA

SQL Interview Questions for DBA and QA.

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SQL is so interoperable that it fetches attention from QA engineers to learn and interviewers to add it as one of the key criteria for selection. It is also a fact that SQL/Database is an essential part of any computer science related academic or degree programs. So most engineers already have a basic understanding of the SQL concepts.

Hence, they only need to concentrate on those SQL areas where the interviewer can most likely ask questions. That’s why we wrote this post to make you aware of the most frequently asked SQL interview questions you should know. We only wish to guide you in reading the content which is relevant and helpful. And something that could bring you success in Job interviews.

However, it’s imperative that you should read all these SQL interview questions and answers. But you have to be equally strong in all areas of SQL such as PL/SQL, Normalization, Triggers, and database tuning. Hence, we suggest reading the below posts to complete the circle of your SQL interview preparation.

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Read top SQL interview questions and be a successful DBA or QA.