Top 7 Websites for Python Programming

A lot of good options are available to learn Python online, but you have to pay for them. Hence, we’ve brought you seven best websites for Python Programming which are free.

If you’re a beginner to Python programming, then you made the right decision to learn it. It is the top programming language and has a broad scope for work.

We would love to help in your journey from Python programming beginners to a pro. The below tutorial is the one that can help you learn Python in step by step manner.

Must Read – Python Tutorial for Beginners

Please note, once you get the basics on, you can start building things quickly. Let’s now review the best free websites for Python programming beginners.

7 Free Websites for Python Programming

Think Like a Computer Scientist

Top 7 websites for Python Programming Beginners.

It is one of the best Python programming resources. Its author was motivated to write this book due to the lack of proper online material.

Here are a few goals he set for himself. These would also encourage you to read his online book.

  • Minimize the slangs and start with a definition.
  • Cover most difficult topics and divide them into a series of small steps.
  • Focus on programming, not the programming language.

Byte of Python

Top 7 websites for Python Programming Beginners.

It’s another premium Python reference freely available online. We found it quite productive for quick reference. It has a significant dominance among Python readers. Many Python programming beginners have a similar opinion on the book.

“It’s a Byte of Python, written by Swaroop. Undoubtedly it’s the best in the world for every newbie or even a more experienced user.”

This book is an online assistant to the Python programming language. It primarily focuses on Python programming beginners. Though, it is feasible for seasoned programmers as well.

It follows a simple principle. If you know how to save text files on a computer, then you can learn Python from this book. If you already possess Python experience, then you can also learn from this book.

Learn Python the Hard Way

Top 7 websites for Python Programming Beginners.

In our honest judgment, “Learn Python the Hard Way” by Zed Shaw is an excellent way to learn Python. It supplements a bunch of rattling exercises which teach the basics of the language quite well. Zed is a renowned programmer and writer himself. With this fantastic book, he has shared some of his best experiences.

This online Python guide asks Python programming beginners to consider the following points.

  • Slowly build and establish skills.
  • Apply techniques like practice and memorization.
  • Gradually pick difficult problems.

As you reach the end of the book, you will have all the tools to start real-time work. The author suggests the book could yield you win “programming black belt.” He wanted to convey that you learned the basics, use them at your workplace.

Dive Into Python

Top 7 websites for Python Programming Beginners.

It is an excellent book for Python programming beginners to learn python. But it will not teach you programming. You can refer it online, or download in a variety of formats. It is available in different languages.

This online book helps you learn Python from installation to its core concepts. It surprises you with questions like “Which Python is right for you.” The answer is whichever one runs on the computer you already have.

Google’s Python Book

Top 7 websites for Python Programming Beginners.

It is Google’s online Python learning resource. Google always do things differently. It offers online classes that include written materials, lecture videos, and coding exercises for Python practice. Google utilizes a lot of Python code. So it’s apparent that they back the Python community and offer help to learn the language. Videos are really detailed and extremely useful for Python programming beginners. They are also entertaining to watch.

Python Practice Book

Top 7 websites for Python Programming Beginners.

This book is the result of the aggregation of training notes from Anand Chitipothu. He is a famous Python enthusiast and a role model for many. He works for Open Library which aims to register every book on the web. The book came along while he used to annotate every key point during his Python classes. That is why we recommend this for all Python programming beginners. It will give them essential tips which the author himself practiced live.

Automate the Boring Stuff

Automate the Boring Stuff


In this online book, you’ll get to learn how to apply Python to automate tasks that consume hours if done manually. Once you’ve understood the basics of programming, then you’ll write programs effortlessly.

You will see step-by-step instructions in all the examples given in this book. You can choose to improve those programs and apply your new skill to automate more such tasks.

Quick Wrap Up – Best Websites for Python Programming

We filtered the top 7 websites for Python programming which any beginner can use for free and gets a head start. However, if you know a better resource that helped you in learning Python, then please share it. We’ll add it to the above list.

We wish that you will be able to grow your Python skills and make a thriving career. If you are happy with the article, please pass it on to social media and in your friend circle.

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