Software Automation Testing Quiz for Dummies

Probably you hear a lot about automation and automation testing. And you might be using an automation tool like Selenium Webdriver for your routine tasks. But are you confident that you know a lot about the automation testing? Hopefully, your answer is a Yes, and even if it’s not, even then you should attempt this amazing Software automation testing quiz.

You could be a good developer but becoming a good automation tester needs a little more of your efforts. At this blog, you can find several tutorials to train you in Selenium Webdriver, Java, and Python skills. You must read these tutorials to boost your automation knowledge and attempt quizzes like this.

One of the essential qualities of a good automation tester is that he or she is not subject to the boundary of a particular tool or technology. He should remain open to challenges and build a good understanding of the testing concepts. You may like to refer our recent post on the best Software testing interview questions and answers that would spare you the right amount of knowledge about Software testing.

However, you certainly won’t like to miss on reading the top 10 automation testing interview questions that we published a while ago.

If you are through with all of the suggested stuff, then proceed with the Software automation testing quiz. And see how you fair in this online test.

Software Automation Testing Quiz for QA Engineers.

For your information: Please note that this Software Automation Testing Quiz has only single choice questions. We suggest that you give your best to face all the questions. Click the <Start quiz> button to begin the online practice test.
Software Automation Testing Quiz for Dummies

Software Automation Testing Quiz for Dummies.

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It’s our wish that this quiz would help all of our readers and let them brush up the basics of automation testing. Also, we request you to feel free and provide your inputs to improve the user experience. In the end, we want to assure you that we’ll keep bringing new online quizzes on crucial topics and will update the older posts as well.

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“No amount of testing can prove a software right, a single test can prove a software wrong.“ – Amir Ghahrai

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