Selenium WebDriver TestNG Quiz for QA Engineers

Welcome to the Selenium WebDriver TestNG Quiz. We’ve brought this quiz today because TestNG is the most frequently used automation testing framework. It is an open source and is built on the top of JUnit testing framework but isn’t a JUnit extension. The TestNG framework came into existence for eliminating the limitations of the JUnit framework. It bundles some of the very powerful features which are quite easy to use. Thousands if not millions 🙂 of the automation users have tried this framework just because of its advantages & advanced features. The tests in TestNG gets executed using the TestNG class. For executing the tests in TestNG framework, a test class is the main entry point.

This Selenium WebDriver TestNG quiz will make you answer questions like how does the TestNG fair against its arch rival and what are its benefits over JUnit. Just to be clear, we aren’t at all suggesting that you should get rid of JUnit, but you must consider using TestNG for your upcoming projects. Apparently, the TestNG framework is more feature rich and cleaner than the JUnit. TestNG comes with annotations which are really helpful in controlling the test case execution. These annotations are always prefixed by the ‘@’ symbol. With the help of annotations, you can launch parallel execution of test cases. You can even skip the test cases effortlessly while running the test cases. Please note that the TestNG framework is based on a special design to cover all types of testing flows like the Unit testing, Functional testing, Integration testing, and End-to-end execution etc. It is capable of generating the test reports in both HTML and XML formats. If you use ANT build tool with TestNG, then you can easily generate the basic TestNG reports.

Selenium WebDriver TestNG Quiz for QA Engineers.

For your information: Please note that this Selenium WebDriver TestNG quiz has only single choice questions. We suggest that you give your best to face all the questions. Click the <Start quiz> button to begin the online practice test.
Selenium WebDriver TestNG Quiz for Testers

Selenium WebDriver TestNG Quiz.

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