Selenium Quiz – Test How Much You Know About Selenium?

Selenium Webdriver is the most preferred tool for automated testing of web applications. It has evolved from Selenium RC to now Selenium 3.0 to keep up with the market trend. Here is the best Selenium quiz with some most relevant and the latest questions to test your acquaintance of this subject.

With the help of Selenium, we can simulate actions on websites like a real user does. It provides a rich set of APIs that we can use to capture a full business workflow for testing the functionality of any web application. Thus, it helps in reducing a lot of manual testing efforts and has now become a W3C standard. It can even work as a cross-browser automation tool for web application testing.

Also, with the rise of online startups, the requirement of web test automation tools like the Selenium Webdriver is growing at a fast pace. Hence, it is important for us to cover this topic in detail. The readers who can spend more time learning Selenium should refer the latest set of Selenium interview questions from our blog. It could be a great resource for all Software test engineers.

However, in this Selenium quiz, we’ll focus on how to use Selenium APIs, Web-drivers for various browsers, handle HTML objects, and different locators. We hope that it’ll be fun for you all to attempt this interesting online test.

Selenium Quiz – Test How Much You Know About Selenium?

Note – This Selenium quiz includes both single as well as multiple choice questions. Please carefully attempt all of them, measure your time, and see how you score.

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Selenium Quiz - Know the Essential of Automation Testing

Selenium Quiz for Automated Software Testing.

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Note: You can find all the answers towards the end of this quiz. Please click here to download Selenium Webdriver.

The rise of online startups is contributing to the growth of web test automation tools like Selenium Webdriver. Also, it is quite easy to integrate Selenium with programming languages like Java and Python.

If you like to use Selenium with Python, then reading the below tutorial would be worth of your time.

Next, we hope that all the software developers and test engineers would benefit from the quiz. They will appreciate us for our continuing efforts to share knowledge. We want to assure them that we’ll keep coming with new quizzes on important subjects and will update the earlier ones as well.

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