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Are you curious in learning mobile test automation using Selenium and Appium? If your answer is a yes, then you are perfectly at the right place. Here we have a quick and crisp Selenium Webdriver Appium quiz to test your basic skills in mobile test automation. And recently we’d posted an another post with 20 best Appium interview questions to make you prepare with all the required knowledge to crack it. So we suggest that you must refer this post for detailed information on the Appium topic. Also, if you wish to learn how to get this tool up and running on your desktop. Then read this extensive blog post from the SouceLabs for step by step instructions on setting up Appium.

Before you get on with the Selenium Webdriver Appium quiz, let’s view a brief summary of this tool. Appium is truly an innovative tool, and its forefather were the developers at SouceLabs who built it for easing up the mobile test automation. SouceLabs is one of the best cloud-based software testing service providers. It’s the most trusted brand for the robust and path-breaking cloud automation services. With Appium, you can cover both native and hybrid mobile apps. And, it’s the Selenium Webdriver’s JSON wire protocol which enables Appium to interact with the mobile apps. It’s a portable tool that supports both iOS and Android platforms. The beauty of this tool is that it allows you run the same test on different types of devices. Hence, someone has correctly said that you can use it to write a test once and execute it anywhere.

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