4 Must-have Selenium IDE Add-ons for Firefox

In this post, we are discussing top 4 Selenium IDE add-ons for Firefox to light up its capability and help you reduce efforts in UI automation.

Selenium IDE is one of the most popular Firefox add-ons for automation testing. It brings a super user-friendly interface to create Selenium tests. Software testers can use it on the fly to record, edit and execute test cases. This plugin has more than 67K+ registered users who have downloaded it to speed up their testing.

Though, Selenium IDE is enough to give you a head start in automating web applications. But we noticed that there are a few add-ons which can make it more comfortable to use. Some of these Selenium IDE add-ons are those which our team was experimenting with since long. And some we came to know from our learned readers.

We are sure that you all would love these as well. The developers who have built these add-ons put a lot of intelligence and hard work to produce these tiny browser gadgets. So, let’s not make any delay in unlocking the premium list of Selenium IDE add-ons for Firefox.

Selenium IDE add-ons for Firefox You Must Have

Selenium IDE Add-ons for Firefox

Selenium IDE Add-ons for Firefox

1- Selenium IDE Add-on for Firefox

It’s a hack of a tool which makes you create tests while you were browsing a website. And lets you edit them in place when you need to. So, with Selenium IDE, you can automate almost all workflows of any web application. If you know JavaScript, then you can even write user extensions for it. For example, <SideFlow> is one such extension to add loop functionality in the Selenium IDE.

In this post, we are only listing the top Selenium plugins that can help you improve the quality of work. If you want to learn more about automated UI testing, then read our step by step Selenium tutorial.

By the way, you can hit the below download button to get the stable version of Selenium IDE plugin or pull it directly from the Firefox store.

⇓ Install Selenium IDE



2- Katalon Recorder for Firefox

It is a new automation recorder tool. You can use to export the Selenium WebDriver code.

It can let you record actions, identify web elements on web applications, execute automated cases, and create reports quickly. It supports the old Selenium IDE’s commands and scripts (like user-extensions.js) for making custom locators and actions.

You can download it with a single click using the below link.

⇓ Install Katalon Recorder



3- Kantu Selenium IDE

It is an open-source recorder. You can use it to stimulate any task you repeatedly do. Just create a web macro.

The macro will execute at a single click and accomplish the job for you.

Its primary focus is to make your life easier by recording and playback for all types of browser automation work. You can automate tasks like file uploads and autofill form filling.

So, don’t wait anymore and add it to your browser.

⇓ Install Kantu Selenium IDE



4- SeLite SelBlocks Global

It’s an improved version of the SelBlocks. It enables the calling of functions (scripts) across the tests (of the same suite) of Selenium IDE. You can use the enhanced Selenese syntax.

It substitutes SelBlocks. Remember that it doesn’t work with SelBlocks. You can add it to your browser using the below link.

⇓ Install SeLite SelBlocks Global



Summary – 4 Selenium IDE Add-ons for Firefox

All of the Selenium IDE Add-ons we outlined above are added only after a thorough revision. We introduce these new and useful tools with one aim, i.e., to make you do better. Hope you would be able to gain the real value out of these tools. In case anyone has question or feedback, please use the comment box to share it with us.

If you know a tool or a Selenium IDE add-on that’s not in the list, then do send us its link. We’ll add it to the list to let others know about it.