JMeter Online Quiz for Beginners – 20 Questions

Every tester starting into Load Testing should attempt this JMeter online quiz. We’ve powered it with twenty questions that cover the essential and fundamental concepts of JMeter. Also, if you are just beginning to learn JMeter for load testing, then this quiz could be even more useful in getting you onboard. In this quiz, we’ve brought in topics like JMeter configuration and the elements like Samplers and Controllers that help in real testing. Furthermore, while crafting this quiz, our objective was to get you acquainted of the pattern of questions asked during interviews. You would also find a lot of factual queries which will test your knowledge of the tool. Since you are a Software test engineer, then you must also check out this quiz on the Software testing concepts.

JMeter is an undisputed king of Load Testing in the Open Source world. And it uses to be a challenge for every person who is learning it. Hence, we cherry-picked those questions that can give you the best returns. It comprises of questions like “What is the correct order of execution in a JMeter test plan?”, “Which of the following is not a JMeter Sampler?”, “Select an Assertion which checks the document for well-formedness?”, “True or false? The CSV Data Set element will read a new line for each thread.”, “Which of the following Samplers should we use to run the system command?”, and “Which is not the valid Logic Controller for JMeter?”. So this test is going to measure the depth of your knowledge. Those who are preparing for ISTQB can also go through this online testing quiz for ISTQB certification.

JMeter Online Quiz for Beginners – 20 Questions.

For your information: Please note that this JMeter Online Quiz for Beginners has only single choice questions. We suggest that you give your best to face all the questions. Click the <Start quiz> button to begin the online practice test.
JMeter Online Quiz for Beginners

JMeter Online Quiz for Beginners

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We hope you’d spent a great time reading each and every question of this JMeter online quiz. The questions in this quiz are not only important for the interviews, but you can use this knowledge in real-time load testing projects. While working with this tool, knowing of its features would enable you to create an ideal load test plan.

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