JavaScript Quiz for Web Developers and Designers

Building large websites and using HTML5, CSS and JS? Then take some time out and spare just 5 minutes to attempt this JavaScript quiz. It includes 25 questions that would test your end to end knowledge of JavaScript.

JavaScript is the most famous, dynamic, and untyped client-side scripting language. While coding, you don’t require any type declaration for variables and methods. It supports both object-oriented and functional programming models and has built-in support for strings, arrays, dates and regular expressions.

With the help of JS and CSS, you can create responsive designs that improve the user experience and adds dynamic behavior like displaying pages without having to wait for the server.

In addition to the skills mentioned, building a remarkable web page also requires the knowledge of HTML5. So you may not want to miss out the below HTML5 quiz as well.

In this post, we are covering many JavaScript questions that will help a web developer to check his knowledge about the language features. And rest of the quiz contains coding snippets to evaluate your programming ability.

However, if you are a programming geek, then you can brainstorm further with more cool quizzes on Java/Python/Selenium and read related programming articles from our blog. Now, click to start the Javascript quiz.

JavaScript Quiz for Web Developers.

Note – This JavaScript Quiz is for Web Developers and Designers, it includes 25 single choice questions. Please attempt each question and answer them carefully. Press the below Start quiz button to go ahead.
JavaScript Quiz with 25 questions for Web Developers

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