J2EE Online Test for Freshers – Java Programming

In this J2EE online test, we’ve added twenty important questions to cover the basic concept of the J2EE platform, APIs, and its services.

J2EE is a cross-platform technology, built on top of the Java SE platform. It gives you a runtime environment for developing and running large-scale, multi-tiered, scalable, reliable, and secure network applications.

The J2EE platform comprises of the list of services, APIs, and protocols that enable the development of multi-tiered, Web-based applications.

Moreover, J2EE is a set of specifications which encompasses the enterprise technologies like JMS, WS, Servlets, JSP, EJB. Most of these specifications are implemented using Java.

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J2EE Online Test for Freshers – Java Programming.

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J2EE Online Test for Beginners

J2EE Online Test for Beginners

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