Build a Powerful Selenium Webdriver Job Profile

Have you got the desired Selenium Webdriver skills? Yes. But still not getting enough job interview calls. That’s what many of our readers have asked us. The solution – you should work on your resume and build a powerful Selenium Webdriver job profile.

If you too are one of those software testers facing this problem, then you are at the right place. In this post, we’ll guide you in what you need to fix and how to get the resume in a right shape.

Now, you may ask, why should I fix my resume? It is because your resume is missing to represent you professionally. So, we’ll tell you the points for improvement and guide you to build a powerful Selenium Webdriver job profile.

With our tips, you can identify the shortcomings and apply them to write a better resume. All of these efforts would certainly increase your chances of getting more job interview calls.

Now, allow us to share some of the best tips for building a great job profile. These points are essential for creating a powerful and creative resume to drive interest from a large no. of recruiters.

Here is a summary of the points that we’ll explain to help you build a powerful resume for Selenium Webdriver job profile.

1. Begin Writing a Powerful Job Profile.

2. Charge Your Profile with Relevant Keywords.

3. Use a Strong Call to Action.

4. Peer Feedback.

5. Decorate Your Profile with Data and Stats.

6. Post-Writing Tasks.

How to Build a Powerful Selenium Webdriver Job Profile.

How to Build a Powerful Selenium Webdriver Job Profile

How to Build a Powerful Selenium Webdriver Job Profile?

1- Begin writing a Powerful Selenium Webdriver Job Profile.

  • It’s always best to follow a standard resume format which you can change according to the job requirement.
  • Keep the profile short and concise. It should not exceed more than 1 or 2 pages. And in all cases, the first page is exactly the one which must have the gist of your skills and experience. If you’ve anything important to share, place it on the first page as it would make little impact on other pages.
  • Next important thing which can fetch you desired attention from the recruiters is to show them what they want to see. So be prepared to customize your resume and make it relevant to the job specifications. However, you need to keep the authenticity of the information in check.
  • Highlight only key skills like Selenium Webdriver, Cross browser testing. Let the secondary skills (e.g. manual or regression testing) take a back seat.
  • Your profile should clearly state about you, your approach, and achievements. Don’t simply write that you’ve work experience in so and so technology.


2- Charge your profile with relevant keywords.

  • While you are adding the skills, try to choose the right keywords that could relate to the job requirements. Read the job description carefully to spot the desired keywords and include them in your profile.
    • Keywords you should prefer using are-
      • Involved in the automation of large customer portals using Selenium WebDriver.
      • Developed frameworks like Data Driven, Keyword Driven, Hybrid and POM based frameworks using Selenium WebDriver, JAVA, and TestNG.
      • Parallel testing using Selenium Grid.
      • Used ANT tool to build automation framework.
      • Jenkins integration for nightly automation.
    • Keywords you should avoid-
      • Worked on an automation framework using Selenium RC.
      • Created a test suite using Selenium IDE.
      • Used record and playback tool.
      • Too much detail of the customer portal as project assignments.
  • Make sure your main keyword is the title mentioned in the job description and you build the resume focusing on this keyword.


3- Use a strong call to action.

  • Your profile statement is the first thing an interviewer would see. Start it with a verb or an action word to make it more appealing. The Same approach you can follow to define your work summary. Make sure you nowhere use the word “I” in your profile. Here is a list of action verbs that you can interchangeably use in your career objective/professional summary or work experience sections.
    • Popular Verbs.

    • Strong Action Words.



4- Peer feedback.

  • Whenever you alter the profile description or experience summary to make it more compelling, share it with your friends and get a feedback.
  • It’ll help to fix any undesired changes and also boost your confidence.


5- Decorate your profile with data and stats.

  • You can add relevant data/statistics to the experience summary section which will indirectly increase its acceptance level. Data can be in various forms.
    • Adding the work duration in terms of total no. of years.
    • The exact duration of work for each organization you’ve worked.
    • You can provide statistics like test coverage, the no. of Selenium scripts you might have created.
  • Quantify your accomplishments. Give a clear description of the roles and responsibilities with accurate timelines.
  • Limit the text in the bullet, don’t keep more than 2 lines. Else they would look like paragraphs and lose their substance.


6- Post-writing tasks.

  • Save your resume in “.doc” or “.docx” format. It enables the recruiters to make immediate changes before forwarding it to a client. Using “PDF” format would only make it tough for them to edit.
  • Once you’ve applied all the above tips and ready with the best resume, then do upload it to the job portals.
  • Most of the job sites come with a resume search feature. Do confirm if you have the resume optimized for the search. This feature gives preference to the most recently updated resumes.
  • It’s always a good practice to update your profile on a regular basis. For example, you can upload the profile either on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.


If you want to download a sample resume for Selenium Webdriver testing profile then, please check out from the below blog post.


Summary – Build a Powerful Selenium Webdriver Job Profile.

We wish that this post and the best resume writing tips would immensely help you. And you’ll be able to build a desired Selenium Webdriver job profile which would get you due attention from the interviewers.

If you need any more help regarding the subject, then it would be a pleasure for us to serve you. Please don’t miss to share your feedback and help us doing better.


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